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We don’t have to continue to live like this. We don’t have to obsess over economies and bank accounts. We don’t have to live as gluttonous consumers. We don’t have to eat ourselves into diabetic comas and drink and drug ourselves into oblivion. We don’t have to increasingly poison the planet in the name of corporate Greed and Ignorance. We don’t have to believe in the “virtue of selfishness” anymore.

Thankfully, nothing about the “western lifestyle/mentality” is written in stone. Nothing about what we’re doing isn’t completely new and completely alterable in the grand scheme of things. The second we choose to stop it, we can stop it.

This I know beyond a shadow of doubt: capitalism is an evolutionary dead-end. Period!

Any argument for the benevolence of capitalism is tired, short-sighted, and genuinely misguided.

If we look with honest eyes, nothing about our current cultural lifestyle is even remotely sustainable. We cannot forever drive, fly, and motorboat our way across the planet endlessly burning fossil fuels. We cannot forever electrify our houses through burning copious amounts of coal and creating endless amounts of poisonous and radioactive waste. We cannot mechanically and chemically process every morsel of food that goes into our mouths. We cannot continually chop, burn, shoot, bomb, and kill our way through everyone and anything deemed “in our way”. We cannot worship at the church of business without worshiping the Devil himself.

There is no such thing as perpetual growth. We will never discover infinite growth in a finite system. Whether we like it or not, even whether we completely understand it or not, our planet is a finite world. No amount of pretending will make it any less finite. Infinitely growing economies are an extremely Dangerous Delusion.

There is absolutely no convincing evidence that capitalism is a functional and sustainable way of socially organizing ourselves. Greed is not a virtue. Gold has no real value. Economies are imaginary abstractions. Money is more or less worthless. Corporations, if people at all, are completely out of their mind.

Some of the only real things of “true value” in our world, which are all growing scarcer by the second, are fresh clean breathable air, clean drinkable fresh water, nutrient rich pesticide-free sow-able land, antibiotic and steroid-free free-ranging livestock, and warm, dry toxin-free shelters.

The more we pretend the natural world is a controllable machine that humanity can endlessly “tinker” with, the deeper we dig our children’s graves. The more we pretend that humanity doesn’t have the power to destroy on a global scale, the closer to the “end of days” we come. The longer we live in Denial, the less likely we are to stop the deadly inertia pushing us all over the cliff’s edge.

We don’t have to live like this. We don’t have to pretend that capitalism is a benevolent and inevitable social force in our world, when it is so obviously nothing but a globally-destructive mass-poverty-creating farce.

A Sinking Ship

Not to put too fine a point on it, or sound overly pessimistic, but I believe we are both economically and ecologically SCREWED!!! But perhaps worst of all: few, if any of us, seem to really give a crap, few, if any of us, want to admit we might be on a sinking ship.

The mindless media machine has no interest in helping us overcome our mass-denial. Its only real interest is self-interest, its only obsession: the manipulation of imaginary numbers, and its only job: to continually misinform the masses via “fair and balanced” infotainment.

Our government, having been sold to the highest bidder long long ago, is impotent to any pleas for change, for its only interest is also self-interest, its only obsession: the manipulation of imaginary numbers, and its only job: to pillage the social coffers as quickly as they possibly can.

Our tremendous ability to be short-sighted, combined with the diseased attitude of the “virtue of selfishness” is quickly sealing our fate, and few of us show any real signs of honest frustration or willingness to fight for any alternative.

While any attempt at prognostication will always be fuzzy at best, in my mind, our children’s future is looking bleak at best.

Will our unhealthy love of money and infotainment and the excessive Greed and Denial it promotes ever be overcome? Our children’s children are probably hoping it will be. I know my fingers crossed!