Collecting taxes is not inherently evil, it only becomes so when the people collecting the taxes cannot be trusted with its security nor its “proper” distribution.

I think that the government of the United States of America has long shown us that it cannot be trusted with the fortunes of it’s citizenry, but has made the point more painfully clear with our most recent economic collapse and its almost complete inability to prosecute the white collar criminals who eagerly pushed us over the economic cliff.

Instead of proping up hobbled regulations desperately needed to help reign in corporate greed, our government has shown itself, time and time again, to only be concerned with the desires of it’s bloated industrial overlords and impotent the basic needs and security of its greater populace.

Our country is Broken. Sadly it probably was from its very beginnings. We chose to believe that the only gods worth worshipping were of the ecomonic variety and this simple but horrible misunderstanding may have sown the seeds of our ultimate destruction.

Our planet is bowing under the pressures that corporate greed and environmental maliciousness have created, without some significant change we will probably brake Her and She will show us little remorse in her catostrophic response.

May our children have mercy and not condemn us of our Ignorance indefinitely.