Humanity is in Desperate Need of some Spectacularly Spontaneous Change In Attitude And Understanding if we hope to maintain any level of Civility into the distant future.

Civility is a choice that humanity seems practically incapable of wholeheartedly making.

If we are to deservedly think ourselves “better” than the other animals, it comes with a Great Responsibility: acting Humanely!

Nature is amoral. Not that it has a moral code and does not follow it, but that no moral code existed to be followed before humans invented one. If a starving bear comes across it’s own cubs unguarded it may eat them, probably without a pang of remorse at not living up to the political ideals of his fellow bears, or any attempt to avoid the disappointed and judgmental eyes of his neighboring animals.

But for we Humans it’s supposed to be Different! If I’m starving you’d prefer I didn’t eat you or your children and if you’re starving I’d prefer you didn’t eat me or my children. For we humans there exists The Social Contract. A Document That Speaks Of Interconnectivity And The Responsibility Of SHARED Survival. It means that whomever is starving is fed by those that aren’t!

It is only with the help of others that any of us Survives in this man-made World at all!

I don’t care what kind of survivalist knowledge you currently possess, you only possess it at all because someone else taught it to you! You didn’t invent language or writing, math or science, technology or survivalism, nor anything else, as a Creative Island onto yourself.

No one is born ready to fend for themselves, All Strength And Knowledge ready to go it alone! We are Dependent On Others to raise, nurture and guide us, regardless of whether we recognize this simple Truth or not 🙂

It is only together we survive at all, never alone. We neglect this simple Truth at the cost of all our extended futures.