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Continuing to Believe that our Earth can be infinitely divided into tiny valuable bits, and sold off to the highest bidder, forever and ever, amen, is MADNESS.

The idea that somehow our Technological Prowess can overcome the laws of entropy, and that an ever increasing level of Efficiency, can somehow trump common sense ideas like: Our Earth is a Finite System and You cannot get Infinite growth in a Finite system, is a signpost toward MADNESS.

We have but ONE EARTH! We cannot live anywhere else in Our nearby Universe without Her, unless we replicate, to the best of our ability, these Earthly Conditions. Yet we treat Our Earth is if She were all completely replaceable and practically Useless to us. This is undeniably a Symptom of MADNESS.

We are Dependant on Our Earth, She is NOT Dependant on us. Forgetting this Fact is Killing Us Both.

Assuming that our “individual” day to day actions have no large-scale impact on Our Future’s Future is, you’ve probably guessed it, MADNESS!

Our actions Matter! And our actions speak so much Louder than our Words. And our actions show that we don’t give a damn about Our Earthliness. Our actions show that we are Careless and Stupid creatures who Ignore Our Complete Dependence on these Earthly Conditions.

If we continue to assume that Our Earthly Resources are Unlimited and that it’s our collective Responsibility to extract, as quickly as possible, everything within reach and beyond, we and our children are doomed.

If we continue to assume that Capitalism is a sustainable and viable way of socially and politically organizing ourselves, Our Earth’s Ability to “Life” at all, may be doomed as well.

Unfortunate Horns

A stark-white, windowless, fluorescently-lit, medical waiting room. A cacophony of gaseous semi-rhythmic ass-slapping fills the air with gargled-sounds and shitty-stink alike. A newly admitted and quickly-drowsing young man’s eyes roll back into his head at the thought of his upcoming admittance into this helpless colonic orchestra. Soon he too would be mindlessly curled up on his side, drunk on anesthesia, and uncontrollably farting as the result of his recently “successful” colonoscopy. How Sweet the Smell!

Crazy Ideas

I know that this might be a “crazy” idea, but what if most of our fundamental tenets concerning the Nature of Our Reality, are wrong, or at best a fuzzy distortion?

What happens if the carpet gets pulled from under our feet and we are confronted with an Aspect of Reality that contradicts our previous Assumptions? Can we than look openly toward the new Information and reevaluate our Position, or do we instead raise our voice in confrontation, dig in our feet, and close our eyes tighter to the light?

How easily do we accept the Idea that our Education NEVER STOPS? There will never exist a moment in time, in which we can fold our hands to the back of our heads and happily sigh, “Ah, I Understand It ALL!”

This is a Wondrous Relief and an Excited Call to Duty: Read my Friends, Read!! Learn, Learn, and Learn some more!!! Never accept things at face value. Always seek out NEW PERSPECTIVES!!!

Step away from the monochromatic views of the average televised Madness and step into the rainbow-splendor that is the collection of human thought, easily accessible through our local library systems.

This is a rare instance of our tax-dollars well at work, please don’t let the Wonders it Offer’s slip us by.

Our Brain’s are an ever-expanding warehouse of experience, let’s stop filling them with advertised insanities and scripted distractions, and instead start filling them with our collected wisdom and an openness toward new ways of thinking!

History, Philosophy, Science, Theology, all can help to Reveal Magnificent Things:

1 We are ALL Connected

2 The Earth is Fundamental to our continuing Connected-Existence

3 We Survive Together Through Acceptance

Acceptance that we are BOTH SIDES of every duality! We are as Good as we are Evil. We are as Big as we are Small. We are as Up as we are Down. We are as In as we are Out. We are as Smart as we are Dumb! We are as Life as we are Death…

Sweet, Sweet Humility!!

Having sin is NOT sinful! It offers us the opportunity to be humbled by our Limitations. We are Human, right? But we are also Gods! And with Godliness comes Great Responsibilities!

We must learn Acceptance for These Responsibilities. We are Shepherds of Our EARTH and the Life She Contains. We are lost without Her, but She is not lost without us! The Generations to come are Begging: “Please, Save Us Some!”

Our Education can NEVER STOP! Please don’t be satisfied with what you already know, always seek out new Information! The Universe is a People-ing Marvel, and no matter the Desperate Times, An Absolute Gift! Let us Cherish Our Place rather than continue to act as if we Detested It.

These are indeed desperate times, but it’s the desperate measures that got us here, so it’s high time for a better saying!

Let’s Agree to Disagree and Retreat to the Middle-Ways instead?

War Bonds

A vast rotting battlefield extending far out of sight. The sky is red with fire and black with smoke. In the foreground sit a small group of well-dressed, well-fed, white men, sipping on expensive brandy and laughing at the dead. Fluttering all around them are one hundred dollar bills, some singeing with fire. One stands up and toasts to the others:”Thank God for the economics of war!”


Slow down.

Quiet the mind.

Stop assuming.


Open Yourself to It.

Open Yourself to Awareness, capital “A”.

Feel The Push and Pull of The Breathe.

Feel The Rhythmic Pumping of The Heart.

Feel The Rumblings of The Voice.

Know The Power of The Word.

Hear The Meaning of The Truth.

Become The Responsibility of The One.

Our egos can deceive us. They can confuse us into living tiny little lives. They often tell us that we are disconnected, islands unto ourselves, but this is a LIE.

You may see yourself as an isolated sack of skin, tumbling blindly through a dumb universe, but that doesn’t make it True.

The Truth is we are more Connected to THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE COSMOS AND BEYOND then we could ever imagine ourselves to otherwise be!

From the Vibrating Particles that create Our World to the DNA twisting in all Our Cells, from the Molecular Calories on which we Survive to Our Abilities to Think and Feel at all, We are United, We Are the Same, We Are One Universal Life-Force.

It is always up to us as individuals to make the collective choice to Care enough to become a Life in Pursuit of Knowledge and Justice for ALL. A Life led in Harmony even in Discord.

Not only are we standing on the shoulders of historical Giants, we have the ability to become the Giants for those yet To Come.

Let us reclaim Our Sanities, put down our arms, and come together as ONE PEOPLE, United to Protect Our Planetary Place!!!

This Earth is NOT FOR SALE. We cannot afford to continue to treat Our Planet like a commodity.

She Is A Goddess and Demands Our Respect.

Our faint blue Motherly Speck, spiraling through whipping stellar winds. Spinning, perfectly placed just so from Father Sun. Wobbling, Seasoning, Life-ing, Peopling, Singing, to the Dance of Universe!

She Is Glorious, but She Is also FINITE! And without Her Life-ing-Environs we simply do not exist at all!

Humanity has become a plague on this Earth. We have spread to every corner in pursuit of cash and “comfort”. Raping and pillaging as we see fit, with nary a care for any future costs. Calling dibs and building fences, killing species and destroying ecosystems, waging wars and losing our better Senses all in the name of money and Fear.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There exist other Paths for Us to Choose.

“Be the Change you wish to see in the World” -Gandhi.

…Let’s hope we can.

The year is 2050. A suburban wasteland extends far out of sight. Having used up all the “easily” accessible sources of oil, purchasing gas became all but impossible for everyone except the very rich. Mass migration out toward major cities, stripped the suburban landscape of everything not nailed down, as well as much that was, leaving behind only skeletal remains of wood and metal, loose trash, and not much more. Some of the rainier places grew forests of mulberry and maple trees, hiding much of the memory of the Age of Cheap Oil. And in the arid places, like Arizona and Southern California, the desert quickly reclaims all. It’s on a bright cloudless mid-morning day, in a lost suburb of Tuscan, we find two leisurely serpents sliding over a cool slab of cement, shaded by the partial carcass of the house that once stood there. “I don’t know about you,” hisses one to the other, “but, I’m kinda glad they’re gone.”

A torn-up, worked-over, dead of all life, gold mining operation. One exhausted miner says to another: “Well, at least the American Dream is still alive.”

I just finished reading two Extremely Powerful Books written by Chris Hedges. One is called, “The World As It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress” and the other, “I Don’t Believe In Atheists”.

Both of these books help to reveal what Reinhold Neibuhr called: The Irony of American History: that sometimes the best of intentions lead to the worst of atrocities.

America’s soul is by no means Pure and our growing arrogance and righteousness is Ugly in comparison. I’m not here to hate on America, I just want Her to stop living a lie, pretending to be holier than thou when acting nastier than most. Our hands are by no means clean, so perhaps we shouldn’t throw stones?

As Mr. Hedges points out: sin is something that helps gives us humility, helps to deflate over-inflated hubris. The irony of us continually preaching from our Moral high-ground while mindlessly acting like thugs in the background is getting to be more than we should take.

I’m not here to damn confidence, only patriotic pride-fullness.

America Is a Great Country, especially when She discourages violent fundamentalist extremes and encourages the peacefully open middle-way.

If we can stop pretending, if only for a moment, that we have already found all the answers, we might just have a chance to come together and Survive.


Hello, my name is Mark and I’d like to Thank You for potentially following my blog.

In the coming months I hope to share with you some of my Creations, both visual and written. The main content of which will be political and philosophical in nature.

My goal is to plant seeds of awareness. My goal is to share my understanding, however veiled it might be, and to share with you the Teachers that helped to shape this particular point of view.

Hopefully this all will be as Entertaining as it is Educational.

Fingers crossed!