I know I’m for sale, and I think you might be too.

Most of us sold our Souls away long long ago, before we ever recognized the impossibility of valuing Them at all. A random bid came along and we jumped at the request. Profane it is, the Sacred shall be washed free.


This imaginary belief in somehow accurately valuing little bits of Earth and trading them away for ever and ever Amen is MADNESS. That we can somehow have exponential growth from a finite system such as Our Earth is MADNESS. That we can trust the Greed of mankind to sustainably manage anything as delicate and Glorious as Our Earth is MADNESS.

We are spitting in Our Children’s Children’s faces because we have allowed corporate greed to purchase Our Souls. We are quickly gobbling up every single resource we can find and drooling over those still to come. We are cutting down every tree we deem “in our way” or somehow “economically valuable”, soaking the land in any chemical we dream up damn the current or future consequence, paving every inch of available “real-estate” for “economic” development, burning or burying all the “wastes” we create in the process, and smiling all the way, coyly asking, who us?

We believe in imaginary ghosts like money and stocks. We think giant shiny corporate logos and towering glass/steel phallus are more important then wetlands, grasslands, and forests. We create copious amounts of trash on a daily basis, pull it down to the curb weekly, and completely forget about it instantly. We use cars as if they were an appendage and pretend they aren’t environmentally dangerous. We eat laboratory concocted food-like stuffs and take fistfuls of pills to counteract the damage. Mostly we live in a warm inviting state of DENIAL.

May the Universe, and Our Earth in general, have mercy on our now long forgotten souls.