I think, for reasons that are beyond my understanding, that we humans make our lives so much more difficult then they ever need be.

Rather than find solace in the good, we wallow in the bad. Rather than choose the light of love, we revel in the darkness of hate. Rather than except the inevitability of change, we madly cling to the impossibility of permanence.

In so many unfortunate ways, we choose to make our lives more of a suffering and a curse than a blessing and a grace, and in doing so seal a rather terrible fate for ourselves, and perhaps our descendants as well.

We choose to live in fear. We choose to live in hate. We choose to live in violence and perpetual war. Why?

This is only one side of a two-sided coin!

We can indeed live in a world of love and peace as readily as we live in a world of hatred and war, whenever we decide to choose it.

The decision to remake our world is always right at our fingertips, we simply have to flip the coin and find the comfort of the alternative.

Hatred and solitude will always be our undoing. Love and togetherness is our only comfortable way forward.