The Earth is dieing and we humans are to blame. There is no denying this. We can dream up any placating excuse we want, but it will never wash the blood from our guilty hands.

Article after article, research paper after research paper, all point in the same direction: our Planet is rapidly changing before our very eyes, mainly because of the blind greedy pursuits of capitalists, and most of us couldn’t possibly care any less.

The amount of apathy that is being displayed by we americans concerning the continually increasing exploitation of our one and only life-sustaining spaceship Earth is Pathetic. We are weak-willed, weak-minded people who are almost guaranteed to be hated by the generations to come.

We continue to deny our role at not only our children’s peril but the peril of all Life on Earth. We play deaf, dumb, and blind much longer and…?

We have been given but one place in this entire Cosmos to spin out our lives and if we continue to treat Her like a criminal whore and rape and pillage every accessible nook and cranny, She will wipe us clean away in the blink of a cosmic eye and shed not one tear in the process.

This is not melodrama, this is no over-exaggeration, and there most certainly is no debating: we are the future-eaters, we are the birth-killers, we are Death incarnate.