Let’s Look to Science for a moment to help Us Describe Our Place…

Cosmologists, who Read the Electromagnetic Spectrum, that constantly baths Us in all directions from Our Universe at large, tell Us that the Universe is currently Expanding. This means that if We were to run the Cosmic Clock backwards through Time, it would contrarily be Contracting. With this in Mind and Detailed Measurements at hand, it has been estimate that 13.8 billion years ago Our entire Cosmos was contained within a Singularity, sometimes called The Big Bang, that would burst forth into Everything that would ever Be!

You, Me, my Dog, Our Neighbors, Mount Everest, the Moon, the Past, the Future, Everything Energetically contained within a singular Speck!

Albert Einstein formulated that E=(mc)Squared. This is probably the most Famous Math Formula of all Time, and probably rightfully so: It states that all matter in Our Universe is Energy, Intense amounts of Exchanging Energy. In this formula, “E”, represents the Energy involved, which is Equivalent to “m”, representing the amount of Matter being described, multiplied by “c”, which represents the Speed of Light, which happens to be 299,792,458 meters per second, or more than 7 times around the Earth’s equator every single second, squared!!! This means that even in a tiny amount of material stuff, is contained a mind boggling amount of pure vibrating Energies!!!

Biologists, especially those specializing in the Human Body, tell us that Atomically speaking, We may never be more than around 7 years old! Some things, like Our blood, is constantly being regenerated, and is only ever around 4 months old. Other Materials are longer lived, but none ever permanent, all ever changing. Cells are constantly being replaced, fabrics constantly being rebuilt. This suggests that the underlying Geometry is more fundamental to Our Being than the Atoms that build the actual structures!!!

Geneticists, studying the Informationally twisting 220 million rungged ladder known as DNA, estimate that we share more than half of Our Genetic Structure with even a Banana! Every single Living Creature born Of this Planet, spinning As this Galaxy is Connected through Our Genetics! Evolution Unites ALL Life on Planet Earth!

We are so Much More than we typically give Ourselves credit to Be!