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We are indeed the living dead. The zombie apocalypse is long come and we have all been bitten.

As we blindly spread over every available landscape, lustfully consuming everything in sight, raising zombie children taught to always exceed the greed endlessly through time, we destroy every future possibility we can, as quickly as we can.

We choose to see basically every life, even our own, as Grotesquely Profane. We treat our Magical Eden like any random garbage dump, or secret mass grave, with little, if any Respect, and grow Noisy children quite Insane with Fear, Greed, Hatred, and Misinformation as their foundation to otherwise grow almost completely wild.

It would seem we have destroyed nearly anything Truly Sacred long long ago and worship only distorted idols now. We claim our martyrdom through this or that often thoughtless ritual and plead innocent while constantly acting like little Devils.

We ask why should I care about other peoples children? Other peoples lives? Why should I wonder how my “smart” phone ever came to be? How it was made and by whom? Why should I think about every “Made In China” label in my home as their people “breathe” unbreathable poisoned air and die of lung cancer at ever increasing rates?

Why should I ask about the innocent women and children repeatedly dying at the hands of video game playing american “solders” in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and every other place in the world we fly and fire armed military drones? Why should I ask questions about the need for constant military intervention abroad in the name of some imaginary “security” state back home?

Why should I question the need for a government to constantly spy on its own people as well as all other people in the world? Why should I ask about corporate Greed, environmental Malfeasance, and “white-collar” prosecutorial Oversight, when there’s so many shiny flashing Distractions right over there?

Questions are the Enemy according to the prevailing media Madness, at least anything penetrating through the typically prescribed rind-surfing “political” debates and cartooned “entertainments”. The media wishes to put everyone into a deep mindlessly consuming stupor. It is the original zombie and it represents our endless Desire to Consume and a Pathological inability to be satisfied.

I am here to state quite unequivocally that Questions are the antidote to the zombie Apocalypse currently ravaging our Gloriously Sacred Planet. Questions that demand our Attention cannot be ignored forever and they most certainly Deserve some honest Answering.



One, Always One.

The Message is patiently sitting right on the tip of our nose and we continually choose not to See It…

We Are All ONE.

As a Wonderful Hindu Metaphor Suggests: We Are Each One Facet, Perfectly Reflecting All Other Facets, Of One Infinitely Faceted Cosmic Jewel.

Contained within every cell in every Earthly-body is a delicately-coiled, informationally-coded, spiraling-strand of amino-acids, known as DNA, that Connects All Living Beings of Planet Earth To This Oneness.

The Air We Breathe, The Water We Drink, The Food We Eat, The Atoms We Become, All Of One Source, All Of One Earth, All Of One Universe.

Contained within almost every single tiny speck of “empty” space is practically the Entire History of the Cosmos, as described Electromagnetically! Photons, neutrinos, and an assortment of other whizzing, waving, bits of Universe, constantly passing in, off, and through us omnidirectionally, and all containing the entire 13.7 plus billion year Expanding Story known as Space/Time, known as Universe, and also Known as Us! (Electromagnetically speaking anyway.)

There can be no deviation from This, it is literally Written Into The very Fabric of Our Cosmic Being…

We Are All ONE!

With This Understanding Comes Great Responsibility!

As one Zen teacher describes It (from Buddhism by Huston Smith and Philip Novak):

Infinite Gratitude to All Things Past, Infinite Service to All Things Present, and Infinite Responsibility to All Things Future.

That sounds pretty Good to me! You might even say, right on the nose!


Obviously alarmism isn’t the best way to start out a conversation about change, but I’ve been feeling very alarmed these days, so it’s how it has to begin.

I see a planet in Great Peril, being mindlessly bought and sold, for the advancement of a select few, at the great cost of the many.

I see islands of floating trash in our Oceans, poisoning and killing animals of all kinds. I see depleting life everywhere as we pave the planet dry and attempt to wipe our Environment “clean” in the name of “progress” and profit.

I see whole mountaintops leveled and washed away in the name of “advancement”. I see water sources and landscapes of all kinds poisoned by corporate Malfeasance and political Shortsightedness.

I see communities poisoned by corporations of all kinds, through the air we breath, the water we drink, and the food we eat. I see sickness and medical dependency everywhere.

I see children and babies glued into the media consumer blitz before they ever had the chance to say no. I see companies targeting younger and younger audiences. I see parents eagerly branding them too, mindlessly passing on consumer “loyalties” from generation to generation.

I see an abstract, distorted world of simulation and simulacra, consumer desires and blind loyalties, dis and misinformed zombies everywhere!

I see people taught to hate, taught to fear, taught to close themselves up.


I see the Chance for us to begin a Transformation!

I see the Opportunity for us to Embrace Change!

I see a Bright Future for all Humankind if only we can stop assuming we already know, and start opening up to something More.

Our happiness CANNOT BE PURCHASED and no amount of future efficiency will ever make capitalism a sustainable way to organize ourselves socially.

We have to recognize ourself in all other creatures of Planet Earth.

We have to recognize ourself Connected to the Entire History of our Cosmos.

We have to find Sacred our Rarefied and Delicate Planet and become Careful Stewards to Her Needs.

We have to learn to Share our natural resources with all of Her Creatures no matter their shape, size, color, or creed.

We must become One Planetary Life-force devoted to the Safety of the many rather than the economics of the few.


We have the chance for Redemption, but only if we can Grow Together rather than stagnate apart.


A Rant…

We simply cannot afford to continue to be so damned self-deluded! We cannot continue to assume we have the answers when in actuality we most obviously do not! The “haves and the have nots” attitudes we take are gloriously Grotesque.

Our Finite Earth cannot sustain the Assault of endless Consumption for ever and ever Amen. This Bullshit idea that private property is some God-given Right that must be protected at all cost with any weapon available is a Bankrupt philosophy, that is Destroying our children’s children’s future.

This disneyfication of the planet is no benevolent force. It seeks to Corrupt through control all natural systems. It seeks to Steal from the public commons only for the personal profit of a select few, rarely, if ever, for the Greater Good of the many.

It sickens the minds of our children by turning then into zombie “brand-loyalist” consumers, forever hypnotized by all the televised desires, into finding fleeting “happiness” only in the blind purchase.

It seeks to destroy the Imagination and all forms of Creative Thought by presenting always a very specifically narrowed narrative. One in which Consumption is the main Ideal, as well as Violence in the name of some imaginary Security-State.

It seeks to destroy all things Democratic and suck the world dry of all its Resources in as short a time span as is mechanically possible.

We simply cannot stand for this attitude to be continually taught!

We must Fight for something so much More!

This Earth is the single most Precious Resource we have. We are utterly Dependent upon Her Benevolence for any hope at extended survival.

If we continue to Rape and Pillage our Environment for these few Petty short-term economic “gains”, if we continually choose to live like Beasts in the face of our Godliness, if we continually deny our Place and Responsibility for very much longer, we will surely turn our Life-Sustaining planetary Garden of Eden into nothing more than a giant unlivable satellite of Trash.


The Good News is we can change, the Bad News is we keep pretending we can’t.

Here is one of our most basic realities: our lives are only possible while the Earth allows them to be. In other words, without rather specific environmental conditions constantly being met, we would completely cease to be. Fresh breathable air, clean potable drinking water, life-generating land, these things are the most precious resources we have, because without them we simply do not exist at all.

If we can start from the principle that we must be careful stewards of our life-sustaining planet, rather than continual exploiters of Her, perhaps we might better organize ourselves socially?

Capitalism is a Blight on our land because it chooses individual greed over grouped success and does everything it can to create short-term gains with nary a thought given to any potential long term consequence.

Capitalism is a Blight because it turns everything into competition, puts everyone at odds with everyone else, as it gleefully tears up the social contract and creates a world rampant with distrust of our neighbors.

Capitalism is a Blight because it profits off of hatred, fear, sickness, death, war, and anything else it can get it’s greedy grubby little hands on.

Capitalism is a Blight because it creates poisons, toxins, and other chemical nightmares all in the name of private profit and all at the cost of our environmental security.

Capitalism, as is currently practiced, cannot bring us much further into the future without constant war, constant hate, constant fear, and constant oblivion. It is fundamentally UNSUSTAINABLE and It Demands that we find another way…


Just Say NO!

Democracy is dead. It was killed by a mad army of corporate lobbyists and governmental lackeys, led by the Confederacy of Dunces, known as the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Our will has been hijacked by our media-monopolizing overlords and we sit sedated and reaction-less in the face of even the most terrifying assault on our basic human rights.

We have sacrificed our ability for independent creative thinking for a Disney-fied monoculture of ravenous Consumerism. We have destroyed our ecosystem in the pursuit of unchecked Greed and Hubris. And we have lost our better senses in the constant cacophonous roarings of corporate advertising jingles.

However, our collective happiness can never be purchased. No amount of consumer goods will ever satisfy these manufactured desires we assume to have. The human spirit cannot be bought and sold.

Thankfully we will always have the opportunity to change this. Thankfully life is much more circular than it will ever be linear and no matter what the corporate will may be currently shouting at us, we can choose not to listen whenever the fancy strikes!


John Tamny Is A Moron.

I just got done reading one the most Moronic articles I’ve ever had the misfortune of coming across and it can be found be clicking here.

According to Forbes magazine’s Mr. John Tamny’s rather pathetic “logic” the single most glorious and apparently Infallible thing that humans have ever Created is our so-called “free-market’ economy! And that based on our economy’s Endless and ever-accurate Wisdom and Foresight, we can happily revel in the knowledge that our Market doesn’t believe that man can have negative effects on our environment and that global warming is a lie perpetrated by anti-capitalists! Why look toward acting more sustainably or ecologically aware, when the Market prefers our Oblivion, Arrogance, and blind Hubris?

Thank you Mr. John Tamny for being such an economic optimist! Until reading your “article” I was under the impression that our economics were less fundamental to our earthly existence than our environment, but thanks to your Bountiful Philosophical Insights, I no longer have to live under the oppressive attitude that our Earth is worth protecting from blind greed and short-sightedness!

Thank you Mr. John Tamny for setting me free! I can’t wait to find out the many ways we can profit off of rising acidic oceans, mass extinctions, dwindling fresh water supplies, raging wild-fires, social instability, and all the rest! We’ve already found plenty of ways to profit from sickness, death, and endless war, I can hardly wait to discover all the other ways we can enrich the few at the cost of the many!

You truly are an Intellectual Giant!

May your own wallet always be bulging and you environment always be of little, if any, concern.


Face of the Devil

I have seen the face of the Devil, and he works in advertising.

Tracking every single move we make via our “smart”-phoned/tableted, plugged-in existence, then designing and displaying ads specifically targeting every interest it presumes we have, the Devil is everywhere at once!

He uses our psychology against us. Researches ever way to titillate our senses, and teaches us to throw money at anything we desire.

The media and so-called “news” outlets, the devils fame-seeking, soulless minions in his never-ending quest for ever More, help foster images of excess and the need to always purchase our happiness and social-status, hopefully the latest, shiniest, most technologically advanced gadget on the market, at some imaginarily perceived bargain price.

We are told that not only does this desire for ever more “stuff” have to be met, it must continually be met at ever increasing numbers, for ever and ever, Amen.

I am here to unequivocally state: this cannot stand.

This attitude is not only extremely Destructive both environmentally and socially, it is morally reprehensible as well. But the most compelling argument for us ceasing these overly-consumptive ideals can be summed up with one word: Unsustainable.

It would take many more than the One Earth we have for everyone on this Earth to live as Ignorantly Over-Consumptive as we Americans.

Mother Nature is begging for Change, not the imaginary political illusion our politicians wield about only during election or re-election cycles, but real honest-to-God Changes in how we organize ourselves socially, in how we define our Actuality, and in how we judge Right from Wrong and Good from Bad.

Thankfully, we still have time, but unfortunately, our time is quickly running short.



Collecting taxes is not inherently evil, it only becomes so when the people collecting the taxes cannot be trusted with its security nor its “proper” distribution.

I think that the government of the United States of America has long shown us that it cannot be trusted with the fortunes of it’s citizenry, but has made the point more painfully clear with our most recent economic collapse and its almost complete inability to prosecute the white collar criminals who eagerly pushed us over the economic cliff.

Instead of proping up hobbled regulations desperately needed to help reign in corporate greed, our government has shown itself, time and time again, to only be concerned with the desires of it’s bloated industrial overlords and impotent the basic needs and security of its greater populace.

Our country is Broken. Sadly it probably was from its very beginnings. We chose to believe that the only gods worth worshipping were of the ecomonic variety and this simple but horrible misunderstanding may have sown the seeds of our ultimate destruction.

Our planet is bowing under the pressures that corporate greed and environmental maliciousness have created, without some significant change we will probably brake Her and She will show us little remorse in her catostrophic response.

May our children have mercy and not condemn us of our Ignorance indefinitely.

Let’s Look to Science for a moment to help Us Describe Our Place…

Cosmologists, who Read the Electromagnetic Spectrum, that constantly baths Us in all directions from Our Universe at large, tell Us that the Universe is currently Expanding. This means that if We were to run the Cosmic Clock backwards through Time, it would contrarily be Contracting. With this in Mind and Detailed Measurements at hand, it has been estimate that 13.8 billion years ago Our entire Cosmos was contained within a Singularity, sometimes called The Big Bang, that would burst forth into Everything that would ever Be!

You, Me, my Dog, Our Neighbors, Mount Everest, the Moon, the Past, the Future, Everything Energetically contained within a singular Speck!

Albert Einstein formulated that E=(mc)Squared. This is probably the most Famous Math Formula of all Time, and probably rightfully so: It states that all matter in Our Universe is Energy, Intense amounts of Exchanging Energy. In this formula, “E”, represents the Energy involved, which is Equivalent to “m”, representing the amount of Matter being described, multiplied by “c”, which represents the Speed of Light, which happens to be 299,792,458 meters per second, or more than 7 times around the Earth’s equator every single second, squared!!! This means that even in a tiny amount of material stuff, is contained a mind boggling amount of pure vibrating Energies!!!

Biologists, especially those specializing in the Human Body, tell us that Atomically speaking, We may never be more than around 7 years old! Some things, like Our blood, is constantly being regenerated, and is only ever around 4 months old. Other Materials are longer lived, but none ever permanent, all ever changing. Cells are constantly being replaced, fabrics constantly being rebuilt. This suggests that the underlying Geometry is more fundamental to Our Being than the Atoms that build the actual structures!!!

Geneticists, studying the Informationally twisting 220 million rungged ladder known as DNA, estimate that we share more than half of Our Genetic Structure with even a Banana! Every single Living Creature born Of this Planet, spinning As this Galaxy is Connected through Our Genetics! Evolution Unites ALL Life on Planet Earth!

We are so Much More than we typically give Ourselves credit to Be!