A Rant…

We simply cannot afford to continue to be so damned self-deluded! We cannot continue to assume we have the answers when in actuality we most obviously do not! The “haves and the have nots” attitudes we take are gloriously Grotesque.

Our Finite Earth cannot sustain the Assault of endless Consumption for ever and ever Amen. This Bullshit idea that private property is some God-given Right that must be protected at all cost with any weapon available is a Bankrupt philosophy, that is Destroying our children’s children’s future.

This disneyfication of the planet is no benevolent force. It seeks to Corrupt through control all natural systems. It seeks to Steal from the public commons only for the personal profit of a select few, rarely, if ever, for the Greater Good of the many.

It sickens the minds of our children by turning then into zombie “brand-loyalist” consumers, forever hypnotized by all the televised desires, into finding fleeting “happiness” only in the blind purchase.

It seeks to destroy the Imagination and all forms of Creative Thought by presenting always a very specifically narrowed narrative. One in which Consumption is the main Ideal, as well as Violence in the name of some imaginary Security-State.

It seeks to destroy all things Democratic and suck the world dry of all its Resources in as short a time span as is mechanically possible.

We simply cannot stand for this attitude to be continually taught!

We must Fight for something so much More!

This Earth is the single most Precious Resource we have. We are utterly Dependent upon Her Benevolence for any hope at extended survival.

If we continue to Rape and Pillage our Environment for these few Petty short-term economic “gains”, if we continually choose to live like Beasts in the face of our Godliness, if we continually deny our Place and Responsibility for very much longer, we will surely turn our Life-Sustaining planetary Garden of Eden into nothing more than a giant unlivable satellite of Trash.