The Good News is we can change, the Bad News is we keep pretending we can’t.

Here is one of our most basic realities: our lives are only possible while the Earth allows them to be. In other words, without rather specific environmental conditions constantly being met, we would completely cease to be. Fresh breathable air, clean potable drinking water, life-generating land, these things are the most precious resources we have, because without them we simply do not exist at all.

If we can start from the principle that we must be careful stewards of our life-sustaining planet, rather than continual exploiters of Her, perhaps we might better organize ourselves socially?

Capitalism is a Blight on our land because it chooses individual greed over grouped success and does everything it can to create short-term gains with nary a thought given to any potential long term consequence.

Capitalism is a Blight because it turns everything into competition, puts everyone at odds with everyone else, as it gleefully tears up the social contract and creates a world rampant with distrust of our neighbors.

Capitalism is a Blight because it profits off of hatred, fear, sickness, death, war, and anything else it can get it’s greedy grubby little hands on.

Capitalism is a Blight because it creates poisons, toxins, and other chemical nightmares all in the name of private profit and all at the cost of our environmental security.

Capitalism, as is currently practiced, cannot bring us much further into the future without constant war, constant hate, constant fear, and constant oblivion. It is fundamentally UNSUSTAINABLE and It Demands that we find another way…