Democracy is dead. It was killed by a mad army of corporate lobbyists and governmental lackeys, led by the Confederacy of Dunces, known as the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Our will has been hijacked by our media-monopolizing overlords and we sit sedated and reaction-less in the face of even the most terrifying assault on our basic human rights.

We have sacrificed our ability for independent creative thinking for a Disney-fied monoculture of ravenous Consumerism. We have destroyed our ecosystem in the pursuit of unchecked Greed and Hubris. And we have lost our better senses in the constant cacophonous roarings of corporate advertising jingles.

However, our collective happiness can never be purchased. No amount of consumer goods will ever satisfy these manufactured desires we assume to have. The human spirit cannot be bought and sold.

Thankfully we will always have the opportunity to change this. Thankfully life is much more circular than it will ever be linear and no matter what the corporate will may be currently shouting at us, we can choose not to listen whenever the fancy strikes!