I just got done reading one the most Moronic articles I’ve ever had the misfortune of coming across and it can be found be clicking here.

According to Forbes magazine’s Mr. John Tamny’s rather pathetic “logic” the single most glorious and apparently Infallible thing that humans have ever Created is our so-called “free-market’ economy! And that based on our economy’s Endless and ever-accurate Wisdom and Foresight, we can happily revel in the knowledge that our Market doesn’t believe that man can have negative effects on our environment and that global warming is a lie perpetrated by anti-capitalists! Why look toward acting more sustainably or ecologically aware, when the Market prefers our Oblivion, Arrogance, and blind Hubris?

Thank you Mr. John Tamny for being such an economic optimist! Until reading your “article” I was under the impression that our economics were less fundamental to our earthly existence than our environment, but thanks to your Bountiful Philosophical Insights, I no longer have to live under the oppressive attitude that our Earth is worth protecting from blind greed and short-sightedness!

Thank you Mr. John Tamny for setting me free! I can’t wait to find out the many ways we can profit off of rising acidic oceans, mass extinctions, dwindling fresh water supplies, raging wild-fires, social instability, and all the rest! We’ve already found plenty of ways to profit from sickness, death, and endless war, I can hardly wait to discover all the other ways we can enrich the few at the cost of the many!

You truly are an Intellectual Giant!

May your own wallet always be bulging and you environment always be of little, if any, concern.