I have seen the face of the Devil, and he works in advertising.

Tracking every single move we make via our “smart”-phoned/tableted, plugged-in existence, then designing and displaying ads specifically targeting every interest it presumes we have, the Devil is everywhere at once!

He uses our psychology against us. Researches ever way to titillate our senses, and teaches us to throw money at anything we desire.

The media and so-called “news” outlets, the devils fame-seeking, soulless minions in his never-ending quest for ever More, help foster images of excess and the need to always purchase our happiness and social-status, hopefully the latest, shiniest, most technologically advanced gadget on the market, at some imaginarily perceived bargain price.

We are told that not only does this desire for ever more “stuff” have to be met, it must continually be met at ever increasing numbers, for ever and ever, Amen.

I am here to unequivocally state: this cannot stand.

This attitude is not only extremely Destructive both environmentally and socially, it is morally reprehensible as well. But the most compelling argument for us ceasing these overly-consumptive ideals can be summed up with one word: Unsustainable.

It would take many more than the One Earth we have for everyone on this Earth to live as Ignorantly Over-Consumptive as we Americans.

Mother Nature is begging for Change, not the imaginary political illusion our politicians wield about only during election or re-election cycles, but real honest-to-God Changes in how we organize ourselves socially, in how we define our Actuality, and in how we judge Right from Wrong and Good from Bad.

Thankfully, we still have time, but unfortunately, our time is quickly running short.