Continuing to Believe that our Earth can be infinitely divided into tiny valuable bits, and sold off to the highest bidder, forever and ever, amen, is MADNESS.

The idea that somehow our Technological Prowess can overcome the laws of entropy, and that an ever increasing level of Efficiency, can somehow trump common sense ideas like: Our Earth is a Finite System and You cannot get Infinite growth in a Finite system, is a signpost toward MADNESS.

We have but ONE EARTH! We cannot live anywhere else in Our nearby Universe without Her, unless we replicate, to the best of our ability, these Earthly Conditions. Yet we treat Our Earth is if She were all completely replaceable and practically Useless to us. This is undeniably a Symptom of MADNESS.

We are Dependant on Our Earth, She is NOT Dependant on us. Forgetting this Fact is Killing Us Both.

Assuming that our “individual” day to day actions have no large-scale impact on Our Future’s Future is, you’ve probably guessed it, MADNESS!

Our actions Matter! And our actions speak so much Louder than our Words. And our actions show that we don’t give a damn about Our Earthliness. Our actions show that we are Careless and Stupid creatures who Ignore Our Complete Dependence on these Earthly Conditions.

If we continue to assume that Our Earthly Resources are Unlimited and that it’s our collective Responsibility to extract, as quickly as possible, everything within reach and beyond, we and our children are doomed.

If we continue to assume that Capitalism is a sustainable and viable way of socially and politically organizing ourselves, Our Earth’s Ability to “Life” at all, may be doomed as well.