I know that this might be a “crazy” idea, but what if most of our fundamental tenets concerning the Nature of Our Reality, are wrong, or at best a fuzzy distortion?

What happens if the carpet gets pulled from under our feet and we are confronted with an Aspect of Reality that contradicts our previous Assumptions? Can we than look openly toward the new Information and reevaluate our Position, or do we instead raise our voice in confrontation, dig in our feet, and close our eyes tighter to the light?

How easily do we accept the Idea that our Education NEVER STOPS? There will never exist a moment in time, in which we can fold our hands to the back of our heads and happily sigh, “Ah, I Understand It ALL!”

This is a Wondrous Relief and an Excited Call to Duty: Read my Friends, Read!! Learn, Learn, and Learn some more!!! Never accept things at face value. Always seek out NEW PERSPECTIVES!!!

Step away from the monochromatic views of the average televised Madness and step into the rainbow-splendor that is the collection of human thought, easily accessible through our local library systems.

This is a rare instance of our tax-dollars well at work, please don’t let the Wonders it Offer’s slip us by.

Our Brain’s are an ever-expanding warehouse of experience, let’s stop filling them with advertised insanities and scripted distractions, and instead start filling them with our collected wisdom and an openness toward new ways of thinking!

History, Philosophy, Science, Theology, all can help to Reveal Magnificent Things:

1 We are ALL Connected

2 The Earth is Fundamental to our continuing Connected-Existence

3 We Survive Together Through Acceptance

Acceptance that we are BOTH SIDES of every duality! We are as Good as we are Evil. We are as Big as we are Small. We are as Up as we are Down. We are as In as we are Out. We are as Smart as we are Dumb! We are as Life as we are Death…

Sweet, Sweet Humility!!

Having sin is NOT sinful! It offers us the opportunity to be humbled by our Limitations. We are Human, right? But we are also Gods! And with Godliness comes Great Responsibilities!

We must learn Acceptance for These Responsibilities. We are Shepherds of Our EARTH and the Life She Contains. We are lost without Her, but She is not lost without us! The Generations to come are Begging: “Please, Save Us Some!”

Our Education can NEVER STOP! Please don’t be satisfied with what you already know, always seek out new Information! The Universe is a People-ing Marvel, and no matter the Desperate Times, An Absolute Gift! Let us Cherish Our Place rather than continue to act as if we Detested It.

These are indeed desperate times, but it’s the desperate measures that got us here, so it’s high time for a better saying!

Let’s Agree to Disagree and Retreat to the Middle-Ways instead?