I just finished reading two Extremely Powerful Books written by Chris Hedges. One is called, “The World As It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress” and the other, “I Don’t Believe In Atheists”.

Both of these books help to reveal what Reinhold Neibuhr called: The Irony of American History: that sometimes the best of intentions lead to the worst of atrocities.

America’s soul is by no means Pure and our growing arrogance and righteousness is Ugly in comparison. I’m not here to hate on America, I just want Her to stop living a lie, pretending to be holier than thou when acting nastier than most. Our hands are by no means clean, so perhaps we shouldn’t throw stones?

As Mr. Hedges points out: sin is something that helps gives us humility, helps to deflate over-inflated hubris. The irony of us continually preaching from our Moral high-ground while mindlessly acting like thugs in the background is getting to be more than we should take.

I’m not here to damn confidence, only patriotic pride-fullness.

America Is a Great Country, especially when She discourages violent fundamentalist extremes and encourages the peacefully open middle-way.

If we can stop pretending, if only for a moment, that we have already found all the answers, we might just have a chance to come together and Survive.